What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging For Money

What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging For Money

July 29, 2018 1 By atulya

Part 1 :

Thinking about blogging for money?

Hi guys, most of you might’ve seen income reports from some well-established blogger and must’ve thought about earning some big bucks yourself. Well, there’s nothing better than working from your sofa and blogging for money by sitting at home. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ll be through a lot of ups and downs. At times, you will just want to give up and sometime else you’ll be churning out articles at a speed you can’t even think of. It all depends on your goal and the steps you are willing to take to achieve it.

It isn’t the destination that is beautiful but the journey. You will feel proud the day you’ll earn your first buck. Once you get the hang of how things are done, there’s no looking back. The journey until the day you start earning is a little hard.

what email campaigns don’t tell you.

You are here that means you know something about blogging and want to know more. And definitely, you must’ve subscribed to some mailing lists by now. Then you might know a lot about running ads on your site or Affiliate Marketing. And how you can earn loads of money from them or selling your own ebook. What they don’t tell you is that it all depends on the traffic your site receives.

Believe me, no matter how good your content is, you won’t receive any visitors from search engines for the first six months or so. It takes time for your blog to rank on the first page on Google Search. So you need to promote your blog on social media.

How Do You Promote On Social Media?

Now promoting on social media doesn’t mean sharing your blog posts with your friends. Getting some page views and comments by them will do you no good. It can at times be no better than not at all promoting on social media. You need to find the right type of audience for your blog. The kind of audience that would want to read more articles from you. The kind of audience your content resonates well with. Your friends will only increase your Bounce Rate.

You need to find a group that has people from your niche. These people will be your first regular visitors. You need to set up Pinterest and promote your content on it. Now on Pinterest, you can’t directly share your blog posts. You need to create interesting graphics that will make people view your pins and go to your website.

So the content you’ll be creating are not only blog posts but Pinterest graphics, featured images for your blog etc.

What About Affiliate marketing and others way of earning?

Yes, you can earn money through affiliate marketing, running ads on your site, selling ebooks and offering services. In fact, blogging for money is all about earning money through afore-mentioned methods. In blogging, everything is linked. You can’t sell anything if nobody enters your shop. Similarly, you can’t earn anything if no one visits your blog. You might be doing affiliate marketing for a product that has a lot of potential for selling. Or you might’ve written a good ebook but it won’t sell if you don’t have any audience.

So first, you should put all your efforts into writing good articles and promoting your blog. Don’t think about monetizing your blog or affiliate marketing unless you have a good amount of visitors. 1 post and thousands of well-targeted visitors is better than 1000 posts and 1 visitor. Even though this is a hypothetical scenario, it gives a pretty good idea that content and page views are the first few things you should aim for while blogging for money.

I am all ears – tell me what did you learn from your journey of blogging for money. Share and Comment if you like the article.

Part 2 coming soon…